Welcome to friends and all our gite guest's who of course have become such good friends over the many years.

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Welcome to all our friends

Welcome to all our friends
Welcome to all our friends

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

BBC's Terrapin feature is here at Gone Fishin!

We couldn't resist the opportunity to show off our Terra of the lake . He or she has been with us for about 4 years and only shows itself off sunbathing in July-August.http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/science/nature/8434389.stm

The lake does become that bit lower, leaving just an edge of a log showing proud of the water which becomes his beach towel.
To think he was once someone's pet..... to feed them just click within the tank with your mouse and watch!

Duck not on the Christmas menu.

We are pleased to say that we are in an area where there is no right to hunt without permission.
Hunters are very respectful of our wishes.... proof of the pudding is the wild ducks that reside around the lake.

Young Pigley (the Muscovy duck) arrived out of the blue last April and seems quite content ..so far.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Watching the weather in France.

Sadly (I think!) no White Christmas for us here in Aiguillon. Should you want to have a look at our weather just click the link http://france.meteofrance.com/france/meteo?PREVISIONS_PORTLET.path=previsionsville/470040/20090713150000T
The one thing we seems to notice at Christmas time in the shops ...would you believe is the abundance of boxes of chocolates.
As soon as The New Year is in they all disappear and its one heck of a job to actually buy a decent box of chocs for a present.
 Well, we are off for a last wander around the shops, we hope you all have a Wonderful Christmas and thank you  for your warm Christmas Greetings.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Gone Fishin

Last September we spent two glorious weeks at Gone Fishin. From the moment we arrived we were made welcome. The gite is very nice and immaculately clean, the bathroom is huge.

You have your own barbecue area in the garden, together with gazebo, table and chairs, and loungers, lovely to lie and relax with a bottle of wine and watch the day fade into night and see the stars appear one by one.

For us the jewel in the crown was the lake, two minutes away across the lane. A stroll through the wood and a walk round the water leads to a variety of places to sit, but our favorite was the one closest to the gate where we would sit at the picnic table in the early evening and watch the sun go down over the distant hills.

The weather in early September was truly excellent, with sun every day we could not have asked for better.

The gite is in a rural position, but it is not isolated, with lots of lovely places in easy reach to visit. There is a supermarket in nearby Clairac, about 7 minutes away by car, but there are some large hypermarkets a little farther afield. Dining out is no problem as there are lots of places to go.

If you crave peace and quiet to unwind completely, or you like to get out and about and explore the area, Gone Fishin is ideal, you won't be dissapointed.

We are returning for another visit next year.

Margaret and Roy

Monday, December 14, 2009

A Merry Christmas to all...see you soon.

It's just started snowing!! even though the forecast was for Thursday.

We are feeling Christmas has all but arrived, so with that in mind we hope you like the card!