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Welcome to all our friends

Welcome to all our friends
Welcome to all our friends

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Septembers Colours at Gone Fishin', Aiguillon france4two.eu

This time of year the landscape starts changing -the autumnal tones peep through and the  sunflowers and maize  being harvested allows an opening up of a totally different aspect of the countryside.
At Gone Fishin' we are still full on with the gite/holiday  accommodation, enjoying looking after the garden and orchard and yes,!!! we are still feeding the ducks.

To answer a query about Pigley who suddenly arrived last year 2009  and as suddenly disappeared no, he did not come back with a family we are convinced he landed on someone's plate!

Gone Fishin's wild ducks coming in to be fed (france4two.eu)
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We are still feeling elated that the terrapin was caught and dispatched, what we find amusing is the very log that sits proud in the lake where the terrapin sunbathed is now taken over by any duck that gets there first .... it seems to have become a sentry post!

Another predator at present that is being tracked by the local farmer is the magpie, what a menace it is .... taking duck eggs and ducklings and is also a pest to anyone with free range hens. Here is a trap set, the idea is to put the caged magpie where it is known there are magpies, they will protect their territory and go into the cage of the strange magpie to play heck! and voila it's caught!

The night time reveals wildlife out and about. Our little tree frogs shelter from the heat of the day behind the shutters as do the fruit bats. At around 4am when it nice and cool its surprising whats waking up!

Mr Natterjack Toad
The Tree Frog Faminly at Gone Fishin (france4two.eu)
Not to be outdone we have some wonderful plants that display their strong perfume only in the early hrs of the morning The Brugmancia (trumpet plant).