Welcome to friends and all our gite guest's who of course have become such good friends over the many years.

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Welcome to all our friends

Welcome to all our friends
Welcome to all our friends

Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Gone Fishin' 2013

A very happy 2013 to everyone.

A big thank you to all our returning friends who have booked again and a big welcome to our new guests for this summer.
A very dry garden but succulent table grapes!

We are delighted to say we have just 3 weeks left to fill for the summer season, so do be quick!!

Where 2012 disappeared to is a complete mystery, hence the somewhat neglected blog of what we have been up to.

A very dry summer as you can see here the garden at Gone Fishin' looks somewhat parched but the table grapes did very well!

In the picture below around October the lake looked low........

Alan and our son in law Alan having fun trimming the trees!

We are pleased to report that we have had a good drop of rain (yes, really pleased, honestly!) the lake had never really caught up with its usual amount of water during the last 3 years as we have seen dry winters and of course dry summers, but despite this the lake and fish remain in a  healthy state and the  level is now excellent.

The water level is well up and now no sand banks.
What never fails to amaze us is how the ducks know to the very day in February when it is the end of the hunting season, even though they are left in peace and quiet as long as they remain on our land as it is forbidden to shoot on our 22 acres surrounding the property and we have to say our wishes are well respected.

October 2012 we had the house painted

For us our great excitement was that we had all the exterior of the house painted. We just need to put back the wisteria then all is finished.

Can you spot the hare in front of the 2 deer.
In fact there is a family of 5 deer but 3 out of camera shot.

The deer, hares and red squirrels are making their regular appearance which we know so many of our guests look forward to seeing when on holiday at Gone Fishin'

Regular visits from the red squirrel and not a grey one in sight!
We are sincerely looking forward to the arrival of our first guests in May, see you soon.