Welcome to friends and all our gite guest's who of course have become such good friends over the many years.

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Welcome to all our friends

Welcome to all our friends
Welcome to all our friends

Saturday, January 28, 2023

The Rothwell family welcome you to enjoy a relaxing summer holiday 2023 at Gone Fishin here in the sunny Lot et Garone

The Rothwell family have been preparing the grounds in and around the 2-acre carp lake for our 'summer holiday' guests in 2023. 

We have just a few weeks available in 2023 price of £487 per week

We welcome solo guests and would consider offering a reduction just for 1 person

Not all guests go fishing, but those that do find it pleasurable as the lake is almost in the garden. The fishing is free.

We will share pictures of our progress across our media coverage. At this time of year, we have been trimming trees & hedges (but not hedges with berries) as we hope the birds and other wildlife will enjoy them.

The weather here at Gone Fishin in the Lot et Garonne has been relatively mild in the daytime even though early morning temperatures have been at -4. By 10:30, it was pleasant to sit outside and have a coffee.

Contact The Rothwell family contact Jenny for more details via email for a chat 

Holiday for two price £487 France

Contact details

Authentification on Google Map

Friday, January 17, 2020

Chandeleur celebration in France .. What does it mean?

What celebration is held on February 2nd 2020Sunday in France?

The celebration is Candlemas (Chandeleur) on February 2, 2020 it is also known as a feast of the presentation of Jesus Christ and a feast of the purification of the Blessed Virgin Mary it is also a Christian holy day commemorating the presentation of Jesus at the temple.

The Chandeleur is a Christian holiday (Holy day) celebrated every 2nd February, 40 days after Christmas. 

Enjoy a BBC recipe on Pancake making

Chandeleur comes from the word festival of candles which is translated from the Latin festa candelarum for the faithful to celebrate the bright light of Jesus as well as the purity of the Virgin Mary.

Indeed, the chandeleur ( Candelmas) commemorates the presentation of Jesus in the temple, the Jewish tradition that every male first born in the family is brought to to the temple in order to be consecrated to the Lord.

 This time corresponds to the time during which mothers were considered unclean by Jewish law after after childbirth, so they were prohibited from going to a place of worship .
 Once this time had passed, mothers could go to the temple to make an animal sacrifice and this recover their purity.

On the day Mary and Joseph took Jesus to the temple, the gospel of Luke tells that a man whose name was Simeon arrived and said he was told by the holy spirit that he would not die until he has seen the Messiah.

He then took baby Jesus in his arms and said “Lord, now you let your servant go in peace according to your words. For my eyes have seen your salvation. You have prepared this moment for all peoples to enlighten the nations and glory of Israel.

How Does France Celebrate the Chandeleur (Candelmas) ?

Enjoy a cheerful video on its tradition 

In the Catholic religion, the chandeleur gives rise to a blessing of candles, then a candlelight procession to the church where a solemn Mass is held, in order to remind the faithful of the ascent of Joseph and Mary and bringing Jesus to the temple at the end of this mass, each faithful brings home a candle that has been blessed according to local or national traditions.

What Other Popular Culture Derives from the Chandeleur or Pancakes as More Commonly Known.

This festival is also associated with pancakes that are cooked on this occasion in tradition that goes back to the custom of handing out pastries to pilgrims coming to Rome or more simply, to remember that the end of winter is approaching and that will all have food supplies.

This practice, which combines the feast of enlightenment with the consumption of this desert,is also reflected in the Jewish tradition of eating doughnuts during the festival of Hanukkah, festival of the lights of Judaism

Another tradition whilst making the first pancake, it is common to toss it up in the air several times in a row in order to ward off the bad spell for the coming year.
This old tradition reports also that peasants used to do this by holding a coin in the left-hand or for the rich people it would be gold in order to attract happiness and prosperity to them.

In Luxembourg the current tradition is a torchlight procession. T
he reason is that children can go walking the streets in groups during the evening of February 2 holding a lamp or a baguette.

Celebrate in the United States and Canada it is associated with the festival on February 2 called Groundhog Day where tradition dictates that the groundhogs reaction to the exit of its burrow is observed. If she comes out and doesn't see her shadow because of the clouds in the sky it's a sign that will that winter will end soon. On the contrary, if it says shadow due to a clear sky it will mean that winter will last another six weeks.
New thoughts should now emerge when eating pancakes..

Thursday, December 19, 2019

Driving In France . What Do You need To Know?

Driving In France - How To 

Do Drivers Stop At Zebra Crossings?

Drivers often don't stop - so don't start walking - unless you're feeling very brave. French pedestrians often cross at odd points along the road with no zebra crossing so be wary. Often you will find crossings at the exit from roundabouts, exactly where drivers are looking to speed up, so take extra care.

If I See The Word Rappel On a French Road Sign What Does It Mean?

Rappel is a reminder that speed restrictions are still in place, stick to the specified limit until you see a different speed sign.

What Can I Do to Help to Remind Me To Drive On The Right?

This should be obvious but many accidents are caused this way every year. Pay particular attention if you are doing a U turn close to a junction. It sounds silly put stick a post it note on your dashboard “Drive on the Right!

Is It True That Cars Get Priority On The Right?

In France when you enter an urban area you will need to give priority to the right. This is a strange rule that we all just have to remember. You must give way to motorists turning onto the road you are on, and in the direction you are travelling.

Do I Need Any Driving Credentials In France?

You'll need a full driving licence, insurance and car registration documents. You also need to have with you a warning triangle, headlight adaptors to drive on the right, and a sticker showing your country of origin. With Brexit on the horizon it may also be advisable to obtain an international driving licence from your local post office.

Is There A National Speed Limit In France?

On French motorways the limit is 130km/h,  on certain sections of road this reduces to 110km/h. When it’s raining speed limits are lowered and a 130km/h limit will be reduced to 110km/h.

Is It Necessary To Have GB Sticker To Drive In France?

Yes unless you have a GB logo as part of an EU number plate.

Will I Need The v5 Registration Document For Driving in France?

Yes you will need your V5 UK certificate of registration.

Headlights Will I Need To Change Their Direction When Driving In France?

It is important to deflect your headlight beams right to avoid dazzling oncoming traffic. Stick on adaptor kits are readily available for all makes of cars. The fitting instructions are sometimes difficult to understand so it’s worth reading these in advance. By reading in advance you’ll find it much easier if you have to fit them whilst on the car deck of a cross channel ferry. If you do need to buy headlight beam adaptors then order them in advance from online retailers. You will be charged around £10 on the ferry – online prices are around £3.50.
Many modern cars allow you to adjust the direction of your headlights by flipping a switch.

Is It Necessary To Carry Spare Bulbs When Driving In France?

Whilst this is a good idea it is not a legal requirement.

Will I Need To Carry a Breathalyser In France?

Yes and No, this was for a short period a legal requirement but the law has changed. You are still required to carry them but you cannot be fined for not having them. Obviously it’s a useful thing to have in your car if you are in any doubt about the alcohol levels in your system. Single use items are readily available online – but if you have them for a while be sure to regularly check the expiry date. You are allowed a maximum of 0.5mg/ml of alcohol per litre in your blood, compared to 0.8mg/ml in the UK.

European Break Down Cover - What Do I Need To Know?

Check your current cover is valid for France. You can often upgrade or take another policy. There are many deals available depending on the level of cover required, shop around for the best deal.

Can I Use My Sat Nav In France?

Yes, you can .Using a Sat Nav in France is completely legal but check the speed camera notifications. French law dictates that motorists must not use sat navs which can actively warn of speed camera locations. Garmin has official statements on their website describing exactly the steps required to make your device legal in France. The Tom Tom radar service is not available in France. Google have confirmed that speed camera warnings will not be available to users in France.

Help For Garmin Owners - How to Turn Off Speed Alerts   

Help For Tom Tom Owners - How to Turn Off Speed Camera Alerts 

Tuesday, December 03, 2019

2009 Our First post from Gone Fishin now its 2019 Whats new ...

2019 and so much to share with you at Gone Fishin in the sunny Lot et Garonne . See us all here on media spots!!

Yikes! we have an Instagram Spot Here we are Enjoy !
https://www.instagram.com › 2france4two

And Yikes again .... we have a Pinterest Spot . See our Fairy garden and DIY tit bits.


And worse of all we have a Twitter spot .. so if you fancy a natter with Jenny and Alan here

https://twitter.com › france4two

Wednesday, July 26, 2017


July and we have important news to save you money 2017


Please share this with friends who are looking for a holiday via the Internet it explains how not to pay these scandalous charges. 

The large companies like Home Away , Owners Direct , Expedia and Air B&B Booking dot com have taken away any ability for you to communicate with the owner until they have had a service fee from you the guest. 

Many owners are so upset the you end up paying so much more for your holiday, these service charges can invalidate your Credit Card insurance as you will be dealing through a third party rather than direct with the owner. 

There is a simple solution available from Google , simply use the picture on the advert ( the picture of your proposed holiday destination ) and drag it to the search image on google and you will be taken to the similar images with details on how to contact the owner directly. Help us to help you. For step by step help read.... http://techwelkin.com/drag-and-drop-similar-image-search-in…


We no longer advertise with OWNERS DIRECT or any large organisation because even though we pay a subscription of £295 per year they started to charge an added Service fee charge to you, not only that but from August 1st 2017 they will not allow any owner to take the payment directly from the guest. Nor will they allow you or us to see a telephone number or an email address to communicate. Communication is only via their website which is policed so that should an interaction of phone numbers or emails occur they are deleted . Totally scandalous and immoral.

 Owners Direct (which is the Home Away group owned by Expedia) will hold the payment until you the guest arrive at your holiday destination and only after 24hr will release payment which they say will take 6-7 working days. This is unsustainable for many property owners even Hotels are starting to fight against this as they also are held to ransom with big companies like Booking dot com. We advise you wherever you initially spot your favourite holiday destination do try and locate them directly . Many home owners have been verified by google that means for us we asked google to show are holiday home  specifically, they then sent a verification code by snail post ( this confirmed to them we were real people living at this address) so try putting the address in so for us if you placed Gone Fishin Burthes 47190 Aiguillon France in the search bar you get this.... 

Good Luck and happy searching DIRECT WITH THE OWNERS TO SAVE YOU MONEY.

Friday, April 07, 2017

Feeling excited........ getting the gîte / cottage and gardens ready for our first guests at the end of April 2017 here at Gone Fishin' Aiguillon.

We love this time of year here at Gone Fishin' with all the vibrant spring flowers and the changing colours of green on the new leaves. Enjoy....

Wysteria in full bloom at Gone Fishin Aiguillon 2france4two.com
Heavenly scent and its only April

Tulips opening end of March
Wonderful vibrant colours for April
Succulents brought out of the greenhouse April. Apple blosson in the distance
Cherry blossom in abundance at 2 france4two.com
Looking good , plenty of cherries hopefully to give guests this 2017

Sunday, October 09, 2016

October and the Rothwell family arrive at Gone Fishin to help with maintenance ...

Wonderful , help has arrived. The 2 Alan's are now working full blast getting Gone Fishin ' into shape ready for May 2017 guests.

I  have just finished painting outside gazebo's fencing etc.

 The weather is still very warm with day time temperatures alas we speak 25.8 (at 4.30pm French time) and last night went as low as 7c, the night before went as low as 6.1.

Saturday, October 01, 2016

Gone Fishin Aiguillon South West France say a Big Thank you to all our guest both in 2015 and 2016

Well its happened again ! never had a minute to catch up with this blog because its really takes me all my time to update our other websites .

 www.2france4two.com also at www.gonefishin-holiday4two.com but do remember the fishing is free... a bonus this is not a fishing holiday.

And for an in depth website with oodles of information tryAnd for an in depth website with oodles of information try www.france4two.uk

We are so lucky over the years to have such wonderful guests that many have become firm friends and return to Gone Fishin' here in Aiguillon in the sunny Lot et Garonne on a regular basis.
Since starting way back in 2003 we have always tried to make improvements/ updates every couple of years so when people return they notice the changes here at Gone Fishin' Burthes Aiguillon .
 Please do visit one of our websites above to see whats new in case you have not been to Gone Fishin' recently.

Rather than repeat pictures showing the interior , gardens and lake we have just uploaded pictures of our wonderful guests we have had over the years, (of course with their permission) that have been on holiday here at Gone Fishin Burthes Aiguillon Lot et Garonne South West France.
Find out more also on our facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/2france4two/
And Twitter at https://twitter.com/france4two
Google approved map Location. Open a google map and write Gone Fishin Burthes 47190 Aiguillon France
2016 2015 Guests at gone Fishin Aiguillon France

Jenny and Alan hoping to see you in 2017, we are already taking booking

2016 here at Gone Fishin in the sunny Lot et Garonne South West France

Guests at Gone Fishin

2015 Guests here at Gone Fishin Aiguillon

Guests at gone Fishin Aiguillon 2015

Saturday, September 13, 2014

2014 a welcome to all our new guests and ......

We hope you have enjoyed our diary over the years but for 2014 we have stopped writing for now and have been concentrating on a new website at and creating a more modern website. 

 Choose any dates on the right hand column to enjoy whats been going on at Gone Fishin! 

 We are enjoying our family home and life in the Lot et Garonne South West France and the managing of our gite through the summer months. 

Thank you to all who have made 2014 another bumper season for the business. We are taking bookings for 2015, we advise you to book early so as not to be disappointed as we already have 8 weeks booked up in 2015.

 See you soon.... Alan and Jenny xx Our new site update is now www.france4two.uk

Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Gone Fishin' 2013

A very happy 2013 to everyone.

A big thank you to all our returning friends who have booked again and a big welcome to our new guests for this summer.
A very dry garden but succulent table grapes!

We are delighted to say we have just 3 weeks left to fill for the summer season, so do be quick!!

Where 2012 disappeared to is a complete mystery, hence the somewhat neglected blog of what we have been up to.

A very dry summer as you can see here the garden at Gone Fishin' looks somewhat parched but the table grapes did very well!

In the picture below around October the lake looked low........

Alan and our son in law Alan having fun trimming the trees!

We are pleased to report that we have had a good drop of rain (yes, really pleased, honestly!) the lake had never really caught up with its usual amount of water during the last 3 years as we have seen dry winters and of course dry summers, but despite this the lake and fish remain in a  healthy state and the  level is now excellent.

The water level is well up and now no sand banks.
What never fails to amaze us is how the ducks know to the very day in February when it is the end of the hunting season, even though they are left in peace and quiet as long as they remain on our land as it is forbidden to shoot on our 22 acres surrounding the property and we have to say our wishes are well respected.

October 2012 we had the house painted

For us our great excitement was that we had all the exterior of the house painted. We just need to put back the wisteria then all is finished.

Can you spot the hare in front of the 2 deer.
In fact there is a family of 5 deer but 3 out of camera shot.

The deer, hares and red squirrels are making their regular appearance which we know so many of our guests look forward to seeing when on holiday at Gone Fishin'

Regular visits from the red squirrel and not a grey one in sight!
We are sincerely looking forward to the arrival of our first guests in May, see you soon.


Wednesday, July 25, 2012

July 2012 at Gone Fishin'

What a bumper summer season we are having with the gite. Thank you to all our guests new and returnees.And yes, we are already taking bookings for 2013. Same price as 2012 just £325.00 per week throughout the summer season offering self-catering with exclusivity, just for 2.

Views over the lake at Gone Fishin

Just a little reminder to those just visiting for the first time......... we want you to be re-assured that we are real people that live in France full time and have converted part of our lovely country house into a self-catering  holiday Gite/cottage . The West side of the house (your accommodation) allows itself to be a totally independent cottage/gite allowing total privacy and tranquility. A lovely large garden is all yours with terrace and BBQ area, with access to our 22 acres in and around the lake, fishing rods are provided or bring your own or simply just enjoy the view. Picnic table are around the lake for you to enjoy perhaps watching the wildlife. Find out loads more at our website Please Note we have a new site www.france4two.uk


Catching up with May and June at Gone Fishin'

Thank goodness we had the rain at the end of April and part of May. The level of the lake was well up and the Carp now feeling very happy with themselves, lots of babies!.
These two months have been absolutely perfect weather warm bright sunny days, not too hot.
Rennet the little green frog trying to hide
This little green frog know as a Rennet is real and very vociferous!!
The wild flowers were at their best May and June and the grass looking a lush green. Flowers the best ever thanks to the rain and warm sunny days. General maintenance keeps us busy and finishing off our new project... the balcony at the side of the house so we are able to enjoy the views over the lake and watch the wildlife. 
Wild flowers at Gone Fishin in the orchardPoppies in profusion at Gone Fishin

ducklings with mum on the nest
The first ducklings to hatch in the garden, mum is about to escort them on the journey to the lake.
What is it? It's a glow worm, nice from a distance but not so good close up!!

Glow worm in all its coloursa bright light from a glow worm 

Celebrating the queens Jubilee with neighbours but more importantly with Sandra and Alan who kindly organized the party.

The queens Jubilee celebration at Gone Fishin

 Balcony project with views over the lake
               The 2 Alan 's cutting branches for a better view
Branches being cut around the lake at Gone Fishin
Young carp in profusion

Thousands of baby carp active at the end of May early June.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Again, catching up with March & April 2012.

March arrived as if someone had turned a switch .... it became spring very quickly.
Many people including ourselves had lost a lot of plants in the garden even though they were wrapped in fleece for protection and in the greenhouse.
Nature never ceases to amaze us how it tolerates the abrupt changes in the climate here.
Kermit enjoying the spring sunshine at Gone Fishin Aiguillon
Kermit enjoying the spring sunshine

Blue skies and a few buds showing spring at Gone Fishin
Blue skies and e few green leaves showing spring has arrived at Gone Fishin' Aiguillon

Cherry blossom on show at Gone Fishin' Aiguillon
Cherry blossom and views across our own private fishing lake

Pansies and daffodils on show at Gone Fishin Aiguillon
Daffodils and pansies doing their best in March
Pansies in full bloom at Gone Fsihin 2012
April, what a difference in a few weeks, pansies in full bloom and more leaves on the trees

It's catching up time with the blog, thank you to those that have asked me to continue as its so easy to keep saying I will do it tomorrow.
January and February wow, was it cold . Temperatures hovered in the -9 C region and in early February plummeted to -17C. We were all as snug as a bug in a rug . By the middle of the month the snow arrived and stayed with us for a good 2 weeks. Enjoy the pictures.
Kermit at Gone Fishin France
Kermit sleeping it off !
New Year at Gone Fishin 2012
Seeing in the New Year 2012
Gone Fishin's lake frozen over in 2012
The lake at Gone Fishin frozen over

Deep snow covering the gite garden and terrace at Gone Fishin 2012
The gites garden and terrace under snow

Snow hides the country lane to Gone Fishin 2012
The quiet country lane to Gone Fishin' is even quieter, brrr beautiful but cold!