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Welcome to all our friends

Welcome to all our friends
Welcome to all our friends

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Catching up with May and June at Gone Fishin'

Thank goodness we had the rain at the end of April and part of May. The level of the lake was well up and the Carp now feeling very happy with themselves, lots of babies!.
These two months have been absolutely perfect weather warm bright sunny days, not too hot.
Rennet the little green frog trying to hide
This little green frog know as a Rennet is real and very vociferous!!
The wild flowers were at their best May and June and the grass looking a lush green. Flowers the best ever thanks to the rain and warm sunny days. General maintenance keeps us busy and finishing off our new project... the balcony at the side of the house so we are able to enjoy the views over the lake and watch the wildlife. 
Wild flowers at Gone Fishin in the orchardPoppies in profusion at Gone Fishin

ducklings with mum on the nest
The first ducklings to hatch in the garden, mum is about to escort them on the journey to the lake.
What is it? It's a glow worm, nice from a distance but not so good close up!!

Glow worm in all its coloursa bright light from a glow worm 

Celebrating the queens Jubilee with neighbours but more importantly with Sandra and Alan who kindly organized the party.

The queens Jubilee celebration at Gone Fishin

 Balcony project with views over the lake
               The 2 Alan 's cutting branches for a better view
Branches being cut around the lake at Gone Fishin
Young carp in profusion

Thousands of baby carp active at the end of May early June.

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